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BH 186 - Coble 'Pilot Me' in Hartlepool Docks.

We have been informed by Mr Mark Williams that the M.F.V is the 50 foot Scottish built fishing Trawler 'AH93' named "Famous" (photo taken approx. mid to late 1960's). The photo shows it berthed on the east side of Victoria Dock, the Hartlepool Ice Plant factory is in the background.

It was owned and operated by Mr Williams' late father Tom Williams (who sailed from Hartlepool for a record 71 years, from 14 years old until he retired at the age of 85).

He bought this boat from Arbroath (the AH registration) and he later re registered it to HL5. He eventually sold it to be converted into a live aboard houseboat for a Lancashire couple.

Donor : Hartlepool Museum Service

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